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Og som man kan se: en stigning i antallet af angreb, men færre dræbte. Islamister er altså blevet dårligere til deres job:

“On Thursday, the U.S. Department of State released its annual, U.S. Congress-mandated Country Reports on Terrorism 2010, an assessment of incidents and trends in international terrorism that occurred between January 1 and December 31, 2010.

The statistics revealed that more than 11,500 terrorist attacks occurred in 72 nations during 2010, and there were more than 13,200 deaths attributed to terrorist attacks. …

Although the number of attacks rose by almost 5 percent from the previous year, the number of deaths declined for a third consecutive year, dropping 12 percent from 2009. For the second consecutive year, the largest number of reported attacks occurred in South Asia and the Near East, with more than 75 percent of the world’s attacks and deaths occurring in these regions.”

- men det er de jo…

“Carl I. Hagen, mayoral candidate for the Progress Party (Frp), recently caused a storm by saying that almost all terrorists are Muslims. He was later supported by Frp head Siv Jensen.

Norwegian newspaper VG conducted a survey to check what Norwegians think of that statement. 67.5% of Frp voters think it’s acceptable to say that all terrorists are Muslims, compared with 34% of Conservative voters and 20% of KrF voters. In total 54% think it’s not OK to say that.”

Indvandrerghettoen Tingbjerg i København har fået opsat 1,200 sikkerhedskameraer, hvilket har dæmpet kriminaliteten. Det var dog grotesk mange kameraer! Det multikulturelle samfund har i sidste ende kun to udviklingsmuligheder: Politistat eller kaos.

“I et forsøg på at komme kriminaliteten og utrygheden til livs i den socialt belastede bydel har Københavns Kommune og de almene boligselskaber investeret i omkring 1.200 kameraer, der nu overvåger alt fra hovedgaden til kældrene under beboelsesejendommene.

LÆS MEREKøbenhavn vedtager video-overvågning på Nørrebro

Foreløbig tyder erfaringerne på, at tv-overvågningen har ført til markant mindre hærværk i Tingbjerg. Samtidig hænger færre ballademagere ud de overvågede steder.”

“I undersökningen svarar 42 procent att tonen i den danska invandringsdebatten generellt sett är för hård eller alldeles för hård. Femton procent anser att tonen är för mjuk eller alldeles för mjuk.

Att Dansk Folkeparti är för hårda i sin ton svarar två av tre, men det påverkar inte partiet enligt dess egen utsago.”

“Seven in ten (71%) Britons say there are too many immigrants in the country and just a quarter (27%) believe immigration is good for the economy according to new research from Ipsos MORI. The latest Global @dvisor survey conducted in 23 countries shows that only Russians are more likely than Britons to agree that there are too many immigrants in their country (77% do so). Other countries with similarly high levels of agreement are Belgium (72%), Italy (67%), Spain (67%) and South Africa (66%). The Japanese are the happiest with their current level of immigration – just 15% think there are too many immigrants.
Immigration has raised also raised other concerns – three quarters (76%) of Britons agree that immigration has placed too much pressure on public services while three in five (62%) agree that immigration has made it more difficult for British people to get jobs. IPSOS Research Report, 7 sider pdf. Immigration having negative impact on world’s nations: Poll.

“Flertall i Nederland støtter innvandringskritisk politiker

Et flertall i den nederlandske befolkningen mener den innvandringskritiske politikeren Geert Wilders ikke trenger å endre sin antiislamske retorikk.

Wilders, som leder det nederlandske Frihetspartiet (PVV), er blitt internasjonalt kjent for sine antiislamske utspill, og gjorde et brakvalg i hjemlandet i fjor da PVV fikk over 15 prosent av stemmene i valget.

Terrorsiktede Anders Behring Breivik har beskrevet sin beundring for den nederlandske politikeren i sitt såkalte manifest, og har blant annet sitert Wilders’ antiislamske utspill i den nederlandske nasjonalforsamlingen.

Fredag kommer det fram i en spørreundersøkelse at 52 prosent av nederlenderne mener det ikke er noen grunn til at Wilders bør moderere sin retorikk i etterkant av terrorangrepene i Norge, mens 44 prosent sier han burde moderere seg.

29 prosent av de spurte sier de er enige med Wilders holdning til muslimer.”


“It assumes net migration – the difference between numbers arriving and leaving – remained around its current record level of 240,000 a year.

Immigration minister: Damian Green said: ‘We are fixing a broken system’

Ministers pledged to cut it to the ‘tens of thousands’ by 2015.

Two-thirds of the population rise is due to immigration, including an ‘immigrant baby boom’ caused by higher-than-average birth rates among migrant mothers.

Commentators said the analysis shows the ‘absolute necessity’ of cutting the number of migrants coming here.”

“In 2007, the British Policy Exchange published findings of a survey which suggested that 37 per cent of Muslims aged 16-25 would prefer to live under Sharia law.

“Varda is among more than a quarter of a million Pakistani students attending an all-female madrassa, or Islamic seminary, where legions of well-to-do women are experiencing an awakening of faith, at the cost of rising intolerance.

In a nation where Muslim extremists are slowly strengthening their grip on society, the number of all-female madrassas has boomed over the past decade, fueled by the failures of the state education system and a deepening conservativism among the middle to upper classes.

Parents often encourage girls to enroll in madrassas after finishing high school or university, as an alternative to a shrinking, largely male-orientated job market, and to ensure a girl waiting to get married isn’t drawn into romantic relationships, says Masooda Bano, a research fellow at the British-based Economic and Social Research Council.

But, like Varda, many students at the 2,000 or so registered madrassas are university students or graduates looking for greater understanding of Islam, as well as housewives who, like others in Pakistani society, feel pressured to deepen their faith.”

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